a unique approach for reading disorders

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Read Easy with Cellfield Wellington - Advanced Dyslexia treatment available now!

triangularThe Cellfield Intervention is a proven, peer reviewed, neuro-scientific reading program scientists describe as powerful, remarkable and brilliant. Cellfield is suitable for those with reading difficulties and dyslexia.  The Cellfield Intervention  for reading problems and dyslexia is available at venues throughout the Wellington region.  If you tried all the avenues of reading help available, we invite you to contact us and arrange a free 20 minute meeting to discuss if your child would be a suitable candidate for the Cellfield Intervention.

Cellfield Intervention can help children and adults with problems that include:

  1. Poor reading, spelling, comprehension and writing skills
  2. Low phonological awareness and decoding skills
  3. Concentration, attention or retention difficulties
  4. Letter, words or number sequence difficulties
  5. Difficulty in verbal expression
  6. Suspected eye tracking problems
  7. Discomfort, loss of place or tiredness when reading

Proven Results:

In a peer reviewed and published study of 262  subjects who completed the Cellfield Intervention, average comprehension gains of a year and decoding gains of twenty three months were established in less than a month.

Australian Journal of Learning Disabilities Vol.10 - Number 2, 2005.