a unique approach for reading disorders

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Read Easy with Cellfield Wellington - Advanced Dyslexia treatment available now!


The Cellfield Intervention is a reading programme targeting the known causes of dyslexia and reading difficulties. Dyslexia testing can quickly identify reading comprehension or spelling difficulties. A parent’s first reaction may be dyslexia tuition for their child. A skilled dyslexia tutor can help with reading comprehension and spelling problems.

The Problem

Dyslexia tuition for a child may be a continual process, involving many years of skilled dyslexia intervention. The dyslexia tuition process requires the input of time and energy by both parents and child. Learning to read, or just keeping level with classmates, can also have an emotional cost. Reading tuition can take a child away from school lessons and activities with their friends. Dyslexic children or those with reading problems may start to feel different from friends who read easily. Research indicates ongoing reading problems can restrict future study and earning prospects.

The Solution - Cellfield

Cellfield is a powerful science based dyslexia intervention for all currently known causes of dyslexia. Cellfield is a cost effective computer based dyslexia programme requiring an hour a day over a two week period. Dyslexia tuition and home practice over a further ten weeks follows this phase. Post Cellfield Intervention reading comprehension gains are consolidated and enhanced during this ten week period.

The Cellfield Intervention for reading problems and dyslexia is available in the Wellington region. Arrange your free 20 minute meeting now to confidentially discuss your child’s reading problems. Learn how our programmes benefit dyslexic readers, slow readers and even good readers.

Cellfield Dyslexia Intervention targets problems that include:

  1. Poor reading, spelling, reading comprehension and writing skills
  2. Low phonological awareness
  3. Difficulty concentrating, paying attention or remembering what is read
  4. Getting letters, words or number in their correct order
  5. Verbally putting words together easily to make clear sensible sentences
  6. Eye tracking problems that glasses cannot help
  7. Loss of place or becomes easily tired when reading

Proven Results:

In a peer reviewed and published study of 262 subjects who completed the Cellfield Intervention, average comprehension gains of a year and decoding gains of twenty three months were established in less than a month.

Australian Journal of Learning Disabilities Vol.10 - Number 2, 2005.